Q: Do I need to be fit to start Crossfit?

A: Absolutely not. Many of our athletes begin at different times in their fitness journey. Crossfit workouts are modified to the individual’s capabilities while still challenging them in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

Q: Is Crossfit Dangerous?

A: Crossfit isn’t any more dangerous then any other form of physical activity. So long as you follow directions, exercise common sense, and never overload weights. Our coaches focus on form, technique, and execution. Coaches take every athlete though the basic movements and foundational techniques before beginning workouts. This includes a comprehensive warm up, mobility, movement review and finally the workout. Class ratios (coach:athlete) are about 1:12.

Q: Is a Crossfit gym the same as a regular gym?

A: No. Most of our members have moved from a standard gym to Crossfit because they are in search of something different. Crossfit athletes work out in groups. They follow the instructions from our coaches. And they are encouraged, supported, and pushed by fellow athletes.


Q: How do I start Crossfit?

A: Reach out by emailing, calling, or dropping by. New members who have no Crossfit experience can come in for a scheduled free-trial class to check out what we are all about. We offer a comprehensive foundations program that takes you through all the foundational movements used in Crossfit.

Q: What is a WOD?

A: W.O.D. is the acronym for “Work Out of the Day.” Our head coach programs a set workout every day of the week. During each class, a coach will break down the workout of the day, provide instructions on each movement, they will take everyone through an active warm up, and then they set the class up for the W.O.D. All this takes place within an hour class.

Q:  Will Crossfit make me “bulky” or “muscular”?

A:  The simple answer is: It can if that is your goal. But it doesn’t have to. This is a question of personal choice. Workouts can be “scaled,” which is a term in Crossfit that means you can adjust your workout to align with your fitness goals. We welcome you to speak to our coaches and they will be able to provide you with guidance on how to achieve your objectives.

Q: Why does Crossfit cost so much than a regular gym membership?

A: Crossfit memberships are structured differently because we aren’t a regular gym. We view our membership as a huge investment to your health and well-being and we know it’s money well spent. In every class, you work directly with a Crossfit coach. They provide you with instruction on how to do each workout movement correctly. Classes are no bigger then 12 people per coach – we feel that a 1:12 ratio keeps athletes safe. Members also get access to skill classes, open gym, yoga class and discounts on supplements and apparel.

Q: Can I come in to workout on my own?

A: Yes. Members can sign-in to an “Open Gym” time slot. This is where you can do your own work out. Many people take advantage during this time to work on a skill, do a strength workout like back squats, or just hang out. Coaches may or may not be available during this time. Consider this time “study hall” or “independent study.”

Q: I only want to lift. Do you have a lifting program?

A: Auxiliary Crossfit re-established and invested into its lifting Program. We have the Auxiliary Barbell Club. Crossfit members get a different rate then non-members. Please visit our membership page for more details.

Q: What should I bring?

​A: When you come to Auxiliary Crossfit, please bring appropriate workout attire, a good pair of running shoes or cross-trainers, a water bottle, your workout logbook (strongly recommended), and a good attitude! Optional items that you may bring, but are not necessary, include lifting shoes, tape, lifting straps, etc. Chalk is provided.

Q: Do you have changerooms and showers?

​A: The bathrooms provide sufficient space for changing. And yes, there is are showers!

Q: What is Mobility?

A: We offer MOGA, which is a fusion of mobility, yoga, stretching, rehab, and body awareness. This is an once-a-week, one-hour session with a certified YOGA instructor. We also offer ROMWOD, which is an online stretching program that is updated daily and provides video-guided stretching routine. This is included in your membership.

Crossfit Terminology. What does __________ mean?​

“Prescribed” (aka “rx’d”) and “scaled”: When a workout is done at the recommended weight and repetition scheme, it is said to be “as prescribed” or “as rx’d”. When the workout is modified (by decreasing the weight, number of repetitions, or changing the exercises themselves), it is called “scaled”.

AMRAP: as many reps as possible

EMOM: every minute, on the minute

HAM: hard as a motherf*cker

WOD: workout of the day

Yogility/Moga: a fusion of mobility and yoga

Additional FAQ’s can be found on the official Crossfit website: https://www.crossfit.com/cf/faq

Gym Rules and Expectations

FOR ALL CLASSES Self-explanatory.


LISTEN & BE HEARD Listen to your coaches. Always keep the lines of communication open between yourself and the coach. Never interrupt a coach when they are teaching. Ask questions if you’re unsure.

CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR & BE HUMBLE It’s an absolute truth that there will always be someone stronger, faster, quicker, than you (unless you’re Katrin Davidsdottir or Matt Fraser – 2016). Train hard. Support your fellow athlete. Always improve yourself.

IGNORANCE HAS NO PLACE HERE We don’t put up with ignorance of any kind. Period.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF Sanitize the equipment you use, wipe up chalk marks, put away your equipment and you will avoid burpee penalties.

NO QUESTION IS STUPID Always ask if you are uncertain. A coach will always be happy to answer your questions.

Auxiliary Crossfit reserves the right to suspend or terminate the participation of a member at any time due to offensive behaviour, disorderly conduct, illegal activities, failure to abide by the rules and expectations, or the breach of any other provision outlined herein.