I Don't Have Time

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When people talk about reasons they can’t make the gym, it usually sounds something around the lines of “I don’t have time”, “I’m too busy” or “It doesn’t fit into my schedule”. 

Things come up that occupy your time and when you take a look at your filled agenda or your calendar, the gym and exercise in general just doesn’t seem to have a spot in your busy schedules.

 BUT … 

What if we created time for ourselves every single week, heck every single day. If you created an hour a day to solely focus on yourself and something that makes you feel good, you would be pretty happy about that, wouldn’t you? It would also decrease some unnecessary stress on a daily basis. Successful and accomplished people live very stressful and busy lives, but I bet if you asked any single one of them, they would tell you that they arrange a time to focus on themselves on a weekly, if not daily basis. 

Whether it’s CrossFit, painting, writing, swimming or going on a hike, they’ve schedules something into their busy lives that makes them feel good and gives them the opportunity not to think about work, emails, the kids or all the chores on their “to do list”. I believe this is essential to living a life filled with purpose and happiness. 

The main goal of Auxiliary CrossFit is to create the happiest hour of your day. A place where you can come in, get a good sweat on, chat with some friends, work on your weakness and overall health, say hi to some puppies, stretch out, smile and laugh. Having a coach guide you through a one-hour class allows you do not have to think and simply do something that feels and is great for you.  

My advice to make this happen is to schedule a time you should be in bed and a time to wake up that will allow you to have time for all you need to do, every single day. According to your hormone cycle, mainly cortisol - the best time to do the things is from 8 am – 8 pm every day. That is 12 hours to schedule in time to solely focus on yourself. If every hour during the day has a certain task – eat, emails, meetings, pick up the kids from school… then you can find that available hour to schedule in time for yourself. You will also be much more efficient with your day. 

We are so focused on all the other tasks and forget about ourselves. It’s time to turn that around, your health should be a priority – exercise 3-4x a week, eat healthy unprocessed foods, drink lots of water and spend time with like-minded individuals who will make you a better person. Taking that special hour of your day to come to Auxiliary CrossFit will make you feel more productive and fulfilled with your day. This will add many years to your life and you will be damn happy about it.

By Coach Sam Pereira