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Pride Athlete Feature - Robert Kim

The challenges I faced were mine and mine alone. It was uncomfortable and sometimes isolating. You suffer in silence when you can’t speak of these things with your friends or family. The shame eats you alive. Everyone endures some level of familial expectations and when you can’t meet them, it sucks.

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Pride Athlete Feature - Brent Caverly

…But from the moment I walked through the door and was greeted with a smile, a warm welcome and seeing the pride flag hanging in the gym I knew it would be alright. I love that it doesn’t matter who you are, your gender, background, sexuality, the age we are all athletes who support and encourage each other

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Pride Athlete Feature - Jen Marion

When I first came out, now 17 years ago, I was definitely afraid to tell anyone. It now isn’t even something that I think about having to tell someone most of the time. The laws in Canada have also changed a lot since I first came out. We can now marry whoever we want, which is a huge challenge our whole community has overcome.

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