Functional Fitness in the Junction

Common Questions

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to target and optimize all aspects of fitness and wellness. By definition, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, at high-intensity.

How does a Crossfit gym work?

A Crossfit gym operates differently than a traditional gym. Members attend structured classes, rather than working out on their own, in an “open gym” format. Classes are always led by a certified Coach. The one-hour Crossfit class includes warm-up, mobility, movement instruction, and a workout. The coach oversees all class participants, and provides individual coaching and instruction to participants when needed or requested.

Is Crossfit right for me?

Crossfit is a form of exercise that is universally scalable, and is appropriate or all ages, abilities, and skill levels. The question you should ask yourself is, what is/are your goal(s)?  If you want to change your body composition, lose body fat, gain strength in a safe, supportive, and highly structured environment, then Crossfit is probably for you. We encourage you to visit Auxiliary Crossfit, meet our team and our members and even jump into a class.