Pet Policy

Auxiliary CrossFit is a pet friendly gym. In order to keep your pet and everyone in the building safe, please follow these policies in regard to bringing pets to Auxiliary CrossFit.


All members who intend to bring their pet to our gym must acknowledge that they have read this Pet Policy and must agree to all terms outlined below.

1) Pets are only permitted in the gym under the following conditions: 

  • Your pet does not have a history of aggression. If your pet has any history of aggression, at no time is your pet permitted on or in Auxiliary CrossFit property.

  • Your pet is able to stay quiet. Persistent barking and whining can interfere with an athlete’s ability to focus and enjoy their workout. If your pet persistently barks or whines, you will be asked to stop your workout and attend to your pet. 

  • Your pet must be up-to-date with their vaccinations, including rabies. 

  • Your pet is able to remain calm. 

2) You must keep your pet securely tied up in an area that is free of falling equipment or space that would otherwise be used for its intended purpose. 

3) You must clean up after your pet, including vacuuming their shedding hair, immediately cleaning up any accidents and disposing of the waste properly and securely. 

Failure to adhere to these policies will lead to the animal not being allowed to return to Auxiliary CrossFit property.